Check it! IndieGoGo is a Go! … Go!

Friends, the IndieGoGo campaign for World War Cthu is LIVE! Let’s have a Q&A about books and Cthulhu, why don’t we?


Never underestimate the eldritch power of diabetes.

Hey, why is it called World War Cthu? Why not World War Cthulhu, huh?

Good question. (Rudely asked, but still.) The big reason is that there is already a book called World War Cthulhu coming out in August 2014, roughly a year before my book. (It looks great, btw, and is a collection of Big Green throughout military history stories, which is completely different from what I’m doing, thank the Elder Gods.) I learned that this other book with the title I wanted existed a couple of weeks ago (after having pitched my project successfully to Permuted Press), and the first words out of my mouth were “Good for them! Ha, God love those scamps!” (Or maybe something else—I was drinking heavily at the time.) Anyway, it would be churlish and weird to call my book World War Cthulhu after seeing that the friends I made at the CthulhuCon had pieces in the book.

But there is several other good reasons for me to call my book World War Cthu. First, it has a nice sound to it that rhymes and therefore echoes with “World War Two” in exactly the same way that Max Brooks’ World War Z rhymes and therefore echoes “World War Three.” And second, “Cthu” is all you really need to know that we’re talking about everyone’s favorite tentacle-faced nightmare breeder.

Fine, whatever. Why should I donate to your IndieGoGo campaign for this book? DON’T YOU HAVE ENOUGH?

In fact, no. My books don’t start coming out until Q2 of 2015, and, well, you can read the whole sordid story here. Cliff’s Notes version: I be poor. WAY poor.

Oh, great, now I feel like a jerk.

No, it’s cool. Sorry if I got defensive. Anyway, read all about the wonders of supporting World War Cthu at the link below, won’t you? The rewards are great even before you get to all that sweet, sweet good karma you’ll be making.


Would you believe I’ve never taken a SINGLE class in Photoshop?

Talk soon!
The Hoade


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