The Germans must like zombies

After being interviewed for several German news outlets, I thought I’d be used to the Teutons asking me about the living dead. But no! In my latest escapade in the land where no one jokes, the German magazine Wissen identifies me in a pullout quote as Sean Hoade, Zombie-Experte, and quotes me as saying, “In den USA gab es großes Interesse an Zombies.” I didn’t even realize I knew Deutsche! Anyway, check out the article below by clicking on the image, my lovely little Strudel-munchers.



4 thoughts on “The Germans must like zombies

  1. What do you suppose your English major friends will have to say about this one? Scared off? I think not. The LEAST you could do is translate it, Hoademeister.

    • LOL! I tried to do an OCR scan on it, but it came out even less comprehensible than leaving it in German. Wissen doesn’t even have a website that I could copy the text from and send it to Babelfish. Oh, Germany, how you confound me!

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