Editing ain’t always pretty

Have yerself a looksee at this here:


Those are the pages from the book proof of the upcoming 2nd edition of Ain’t That America, which was originally published in 2000. It’s had errors in it (my own, but still) that have irked me for years. Anyway, the greatest editrix in the world (who also is my wife, but is a professional book editor) went through this proof with her amazing Pen of Wonder™ and gave me a lot to think about and work on.

I finally got to enter the corrections today, but to do so we had to rip it apart or else I’d have to edit with one hand and hold the book with the other. This did allow me the extremely satisfying step of tossing the finished pages onto the couch behind my chair (watching football at the same time, obviously, because FOOTBALL), and at the end was the pile you see in the picture above. It not only makes a fun mess, but you can also roll around in it, Scrooge McDuck style, and dream that it’s royalty cash. Mmmmm …

The new edition of Ain’t That America should be in my hot little hands in less than two weeks. And yours not long after that, should you want to read my comic thriller!


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