Thanks to you …


This is a picture of Your Faithful Servant at the Home Team Sports Bar (Motto: “We don’t show your home team on our TVs”), having an overpriced drink and basking in the glow of the wonderful friends I have. Thanks to you lot, in about an hour I shall be winging my way on Spirit Airlines (Motto: “We’ll tell you our motto for five dollars”) to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. From there the former mayor of Lower Sheol, Sean Conner, and I will travel via his Amazeballs Car (Motto: “Wipe your feet first”) to Marianna, Florida where we will party like three men in their mid-40s with Larry Zick (Motto: “I’m in shape now and you’re not”). We might do breakfast at Waffle House (Motto: *cough*), which is both the best and the worst dining option in Marianna (Motto: “Don’t mess with our meth”).

But I would not be going to this convention if it weren’t for the friendship and generosity of my friends here on Facebook (Motto: “Let’s be uncomfortable”) and in the real world as well. It paid for the ticket and the promotional materials and the books I will be selling. I’ve never done this before, but I’m hoping to both have a great time and give a kick-start to this book of mine. The Wife Unit and I worked and slaved on this (me in this writing, her in the editing and proofing and giving the Husband Unit pep talks), and it’s hard to believe it’s about to come to fruition.

Deadtown Abbey shall be available in paperback and for e-readers of every stripe on November 5. I hope you guys buy it (those of you who aren’t getting a copy already because of your Kickstarter support) and read it and enjoy it.

It is all thanks to you guys. The financial supporters, the moral supporters, the athletic supporters. (Rimshot.) You are the best buncha mutts a lug like me could ever have hoped to know.