I ain’t never made bookmarks a’fore. Now I has.

Pardon the ungrammatical title, but I’ve been doing graphics stuff all day. (And if working on a daily newspaper taught me anything, it was that graphics people do not like to bothered about grammar and whatnot. This isn’t a putdown — we all have our wheelhouses and bailiwicks.)

But the hours I spent slaving over a hot computer have paid off. I’m going with OvernightPrints.com (which is ironic because I don’t need them overnight) to make up some promotional bookmarks for Deadtown Abbey. I worked and slaved on these and tried different designs and different fonts and then that wasn’t readable enough so I went back and fiddled with it and Photoshop and lots of caffeine and then I finished. Please see below for the finished front and back designs.

If you have any design critiques, please write them on a piece of paper and enchant someone else with them. (There are times I ask for critique-like comments. This is not one of those times.) Please do feel free, however, to gush about how much you love it. Thank you.

Tomorrow: Promotional postcards.



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