It is now Walker Stalker Con or bust


My last blog post, “To Kickstart or Not to Kickstart” was a rousing success, if you measure success by some people reading it. (As a writer, I do measure success this way, but still.) I haven’t been on my blog here at all since then, because I’ve been weighing these questions like a chubby Prince Hal:

  1. Is it tacky to ask for monetary assistance to finish one’s novel? Writers since time immemorial have had patrons, creating works of art that gave the glory to those supporting the work. So I believe the answer is “no,” unless one goes about it like a carnival barker. Then it’s tacky. But I’m not planning to do that.
  2. Can the four novellas plus the iTunes podcast transcripts be finished and polished in time for Walker Stalker Con in November? The book is half written and fully outlined, so the answer is “yes.” It goes slowly at the moment because of my other, more remunerative writing work, but if my Kickstarter gets funded, I’ll be able to focus on it like one of them lasery beams.
  3. What kind of name is Banquo? That’s like having a name like Carwasho or AmeriFirst.
  4. Does going to a Zombie Con really do anything for me and my backers? In fact, I think it does. I will go with 100 books and do my best to sell them all, get my work out there in zombieland and continue the fascinating conversation with other undead enthusiasts. My backers will get their names immortalized in the book, and also I will regale them with tales of the Con here on my blog. They really will get value for their kind investment.

You’ll notice that these questions all have answers that say “yes” to doing the Kickstarter. But this is only the end of those conversations. I have been struggling to keep my thoughts balanced on the project, and ultimately these were the answers I found most accurate and beneficial for everyone.

I will be posting video here on the blog and on Facebook, some fun come-ons for my prospective investors. I have wonderful friends and former colleagues, and I feel confident this is going to be a great experience for me, my backers, and the zombie-loving community at large.

Please click here to have a look at all the details of my Kickstarter project!


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