Hey, that IS smaller and less readable! Nice work!

Hey, that IS smaller and less readable! Nice work!

So when I looked at the page on the left in the WYSIWYG digital proofer, it looked great to me. I thought the white space looked tasteful. And the type — well, I could zoom in real good on that!

SPOILER ALERT: Real life does not have a “zoom” feature. Your book printed like this will look like a facsimile of a page from an “Edisonian” adventure from 1908.

Anyway, although the page on the right doesn’t have a header on it yet, you can see how much better it looks with (a) more text area on the page, for Chrissake;and (2) the use of a more readable font. I was trying to go for a font that was like the pulpy ’50s paperbacks I love, but … no, they moved away from that font years ago for a reason. FINE.

I’m currently in the process of adding and formatting the page headers, then reflowing the whole thing to see if it looks good on the computer, but, as the brilliant Cuscutis so pithily told me, “WYSIWYG isn’t.” I will be ordering another physical proof this time, obviously.

Whaddya think? Should I have stayed with the squinty page on the left, or caved in to the “readability patrol” with the version on the right?


5 thoughts on “Hey, that IS smaller and less readable! Nice work!

  1. Sorry, kiddo, my young one is visiting and I couldn’t find a comment on my butt with both hands and an Internet flashlight. Yes, indeed, there will definitely be actual physical books, including a nice signed one for you and Hizzoner!

  2. Madam, first of all I did not go “way overboard” on the cover. It is a design that will be praised by angels and spoken about it in the finest popular magazines for decades to come. Secondly, I believe I have made it abundantly clear that I was misled by the way it looked ‘pon my computer screen and only by witnessing with my own eyes the “teeny, squinty” result did I call foul and verily forsooth and such did commence to working again.

    But I like that magnifying dome idea. Come for the brilliant writing, stay for the optical effects!

    • ‘Tis true, you purport to have been misled. However, my question remains relevant, namely, do you expect mainly an electronic success, or will there be actual physical copies as well? The trend today is so Kindle/Nook/iBooks, I was wondering if it’s profitable enough to bother with dead tree copies, except, of course, the ones you’ll be sending to your friends! 😎

  3. Do they charge you by the page? No? Then why else would you opt for teeny, squinty print? Especially when you went overboard the opposite way on the cover? Makes no sense. Good book, though. Oh, wait, I think I already said that. All of Parker’s Spenser novels had huge print, lots of white space and very short chapters. They are a delight to read. I’m talkin’ dead tree versions, here, mind you. Does anybody still read tomes, or are you marketing to the online community? As a dinosaur, I get confused a little.

    Hey! I know! You could include a magnifier with each copy, like the one you sent Sean for his OED. Sales gimmick! Whaddya think?

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