The NEW new cover

The NEW new cover

Since the proofs came back today from the printer and looked like ARSE (more on that tomorrow), I decided to rework the already reworked cover, since the other one (see below for its image) just doesn’t have IT, or do IT, or ..shee IT, I dunno.

Anyway, with this I’m going for more of a ’50s Brutalism poster feel. Thoughts?


6 thoughts on “The NEW new cover

    • Couldn’t use a raccoon. That’s been done. Same principle. I really kind of like the armadillo. It was the busy, huge, crowded text that put me off.

    • Obviously, I’m not your demographic of choice. It’s a great read, though, armadillo notwithstanding. And who shops at B&N these days, anyway.

  1. If I were shopping at B&N (yeah, that actually happens occasionally) I’d be more likely to check out the first reworked cover. But that’s just me. I might not be the demographic you seek. I find the reworked rework to be too crowded with… too crowded. It goes GAAAAA! Did you want it to go GAAAAA?

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