When reporting on zombies is this sloppy, is there ANYTHING from the media we can trust?

After my New York Post coup of yesterday, there is now the interview I did with the San Francisco Chronicle. I include the link, but you have to be a subscriber to actually read it online. (How’s that business model workin’ for ya, SFC?)

Anyway, because of that, I include the bit from the article that my HALF-HOUR OF BEING INTERVIEWED went into. The Post article was better, not because there’s more of me in it, but not because there isn’t, if you get me. Also, I have annotated this bit of “reportage.”


Sean Hoade, another zombie specialist who taught a course at University of Alabama on “Zombies! The Living Dead in Literature, Film  and Culture,’’ is willing to cut a wide berth for “World War Z.’’ [I like how she uses “specialist” here instead of “enthusiast” or “expert.” It’s weird.]

“I am forgiving. Besides loving zombies I am also a movie lover so in my mind I can put a disconnect between the novel and the movie. Max writes one book and the movie is going to be another vision,’’  said Hoade, who is himself writing “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Zombies.’’ [I am not writing any such book, as one has already been published. I think the writer saw this on some old Web page.]

“People are fascinated by the idea of zombies, and they don’t care of it is a fast zombie or a slow one, or a smart zombie or any other kind because the [initial] cause itself rises above any vision. And people just eat that up.” [Get it?]

Nor does he see an end to the steady stream of the undead in popular culture. “Yes there has been a zombie trend, and people keep saying ‘Oh zombies are played out.’ “Then the next big zombie movie or TV show or whatever comes in and it does well. So zombies never have to be over.’’

[And that was it. Pfft, San Francisco Chronicle. You’re no New York Post.]


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