Facebook advertising — to like or not to like?

So I’m considering running a Facebook ad for the new book, and probably one for each of the older books if the first ad is effective. I’ve learned a lot about Facebook advertising this weekend, including some things that seem tremendously obvious now. To wit:

1. Don’t make your potential customer leave Facebook to view what you’re advertising. This is good advice not only because FB ads that link to FB pages cost less for an advertiser (they do), but also because, if you think about it, they encountered your ad while chatting with friends, seeing what everybody is up to, maybe declaring that they “Like” someone or something on Facebook. They obviously wanted to be on Facebook, and your ad will probably fail if you take them away from the social networking site.

2. Don’t forget a call to action! This is the most important part of any attempt at persuasion. Don’t just let them know nice features or what have you — make the sale! In this case, entice them to click on your ad and see what you have to offer. “Like this!” or “Find out more!” or “Enter the world of …” Whatever you do, don’t leave your potential customer hanging.

3. You have just 90 words to entice that click. Make sure you have your message distilled into a quick pitch — and with an appealing image to match — so that your busy potential customer can decide right away if this is something s/he is interested in.

I know there are entire books written about Facebook (and Twitter — more on that later) marketing, but these seem to me to be the starting points for an Facebook ad campaign. It will surely be refined as time goes on, but without these qualities, your ad may not be effective enough even to warrant anything further.

I plan to do this in conjunction with the release of my book later this month (or possibly early July), so be on the lookout for my ads and see if my stuff is right for you! (It is. Trust me.)


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