“The Act” cover and jacket copy!

Things are moving forward quickly with The Act — the cover and jacket copy and ready for the printers. Have a look at the tease for this SF novel in the tradition of Philip K. Dick, Frederik Pohl, and Alfred Bester:


It’s a world of illusion. Virtual reality is a reality, and submerging into it is as easy as dropping an outlawed hallucinogen and putting on a sensory suit. Holographic gamerooms abound, with 3D images that fight back.

It’s a world of money. Fed up with bad debt, the United Territories has passed the Financial Empowerment Act, which makes unlimited loans free for the asking.

It’s a world of terror. But the penalties for defaulting are severe. The job of making sure debtors pay—or face the consequences—has fallen to Collection Agents, who do what they can (for a generous commission, of course) to squeeze them for payment before they unleash the Enforcers …

Phillip Zane is a Collection Agent who loves his job. He has a wonderful daughter, a loving wife, and a beautiful young mistress.

Now he has someone new in his life—a mysterious contact also named Phillip Zane, who reveals to him the darkest secret of their world. And then tries to take away everything he has by becoming the last thing Agent Phillip Zane ever expected:



The Act comes out at the end of June!

The Act comes out at the end of June!


6 thoughts on ““The Act” cover and jacket copy!

  1. Have I read this, like a long time ago? Is this one that Conman had a copy of? Or am I hallucinating? The story sounds familiar, somehow.

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