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Sean Hoade:

Laird always hits it on the nose.

Originally posted on Laird Barron:

In his introduction to A Book of Horrors, editor Stephen Jones asks, “What the hell happened to the horror genre?”

Considering that we live in a small press horror renaissance, this gambit seems a sort of peevish rhetoric more concerned with preserving a narrow slice of tradition, and Jones’ related curatorial credentials, than raising a legitimate question.

I recently sat on the Shirley Jackson Awards jury and edited, alongside Mike Kelly, the inaugural volume of Year’s Best Weird Fiction. I’ve read a staggering amount of contemporary dark fiction these past several years. Stephen Jones, Paula Guran, and Ellen Datlow continue to put forth year’s bests without substantial overlap. In the case of Year’s Best Weird Fiction, there’s a strong case that a second volume could have arisen from the 2013 crop. A crop that contained a lot of horror.

Horror is ascendant, if not on the New York…

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Karma, she is a bitch, no?

The post you are probably looking for has been deleted by my own hand.

I based the Permuted Pictures blog entry on some information I was given that turned out to be not only spurious, but intentionally hurtful to a group of people who deserved none of my snark or condescension. The people putting together One Stop Apocalypse Shop deserved better than what they received from anyone, whether it was Permuted Press or myself.

I made a dreadful error in judgment and ask the forgiveness of all involved. I feel like a fucking idiot because that is exactly how I acted: like a fucking idiot.

These are the last words I ever will write about Permuted Press. Obviously, my anger has taken such deep root in me that I no longer have the ability to separate fact from fiction.

I wish everyone, especially those involved in the One Stop Apocalypse Shop, only the best. And I am very, very sorry for what I said here about Permuted Pictures. The error and the responsibility for it are mine, and I assure you that this will not happen again.


Digging Ditches Or Casting Spells: On Magic In Writing

From the terriblemind of Chuck Wendig:


This war is about whether or not this thing that we do is somehow magical.

(And by “this thing we do,” I do not mean publishing. Oh hell no. Publishing is purely the making of sausage. Publishing is a gray and lightless place. Publishing is Mordor. Publishing is the inside of Gollum’s mouth: sticky and fishy and bitey.)

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5 Scary TV Shows To Watch With Your Date On Halloween

(This was written for my “Sugar dating” job’s website. Fun stuff!)


There as many perfect activities for couples as there are couples in the first place. And of course a couple may want something different any time they get together. So don’t think that skiing is the only thing to do in winter, spending a day at the beach is the only thing to do in the summer, or that dressing up to hit a crazy costume party is the only thing to do for Halloween.

It is fun to dress up with your date as Dracula and Bride of Dracula, have a couple of Bloody Marys, take in the other costumes, and get weird. But there is another activity that couples on and other dating sites really enjoy because it takes the stress out of All Hallow’s Eve: watching scary stuff on TV.


Television news, for example, is usually very low-stress.

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My Plethora of Peevish Potshots at Pariah Publisher Permuted Press


I have gained many new followers and friends from my three-part diatribe about the scuzzy bidness practices of one Permuted Press, here in its entirety. There are many posts about PP on my blog from before they stepped on my heart, so you can get a whole picture of the situation before and after.

However, if you just want to cut to the chase, fasten your seat belt and make sure your vodka is safely ensconced in the cup holder, because it’s a wild ride.

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About Sean Hoade!

Ehrmagerd, check this out, guys.

My diatribe about that Willy Wonka-esque factory of abused authors, Permuted Press, has brought my blog thousands of new views and dozens of new followers, all of whom woke up this morning taller and—although I know it scarcely seems possible—even more attractive than when they went to bed.

Brad-Pitt-smiling copy

Results totally typical.

Because of the burden I must take on now to keep my new followers entertained and also enlightened, I have been converting my award-winning (Note: not really) website,, over to the magic that is WordPress. I have completed by “About Me!” page, which honestly will change your life and win you lots of money if ever you are on Jeopardy! and your category is “Writers Who Flailed Futilely For Attention” or “Shit Heads,” in which the correct response will have words starting with S and H.

Please have a look and have your friends over to have a look and then sign everybody up like it’s a Tupperware party from Hell. At least the content will always stay fresh! (Note: not really.)

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Permuted Ponderings

Sean Hoade:

An excellent, very well argued condemnation of the assclowns at Permuted Press. Also, my time travel secrets are revealed!

Originally posted on A.W. Hendry:

For the last few days I’ve been reblogging author, blogger, time traveller(see image below), and all round good egg Sean Hoade‘s posts about the recent shenanigans of Permuted Press. Sean is one of a group of authors who have a major grievance with the small press company over promises made and broken with regard the publication of their work. I was going to let Sean do all the talking as he seems to have covered all the bases and, unlike him, I have no dog in this fight. So to speak. Well, I’m never one to keep my trap shut for long and so here’s my thruppence worth on the subject.

Left: Hoade in the late 1800s Right Hoade as he appears today.

Left : Hoade in the late 1800s Right: Hoade as he appears today.

There are two things I would like to discuss briefly here. The brevity being because I’m actually sat in work at the moment and want to…

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